VISIT | Flowering NOW, 27 – 29 April

Melbourne’s flower community come together to share their love of nature in ways that defy the traditional understandings of floristry. Flowering NOW will present the unique styles of 13 Melbourne Florists who work ardently with the most untameable and transient materials. Capturing the moments of growth and abundance as well as celebrating wilting and decay. Find more details here.

VISIT | An evening of Art, 20 April at 6pm

An evening of Art: Painting Drawing Scuplture

Annabelle Hayes, Augie Rathjen-Duffton, Chai Lo, James Steeth, Steph Farren, Brigid Hansen, Ben Minkley

VISIT | The Game: You are a winner, 5, 6, 7 April at 7:30pm

The Game is an interactive piece that looks at the rule sets of winning and losing. Who are considered winners? How do they get that way? And is it ok to lose?

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In our current transitional form we house activations, events and artists who make innovative use of our space in anticipation of its renaissance.

Our three enormous buildings and our beautiful courtyard are diverse spaces that readily lend themselves to new purposes and welcome visitors of all descriptions to a fascinating array of activity.

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