News | Contemporary Arts Precincts welcomes Eugenia Flynn to the Board

Contemporary Arts Precincts is pleased and proud to be welcoming writer, arts worker and community organiser Eugenia Flynn to our Board. Eugenia is Aboriginal, Chinese and Muslim, working within her multiple communities to create change though literature, art politics and community engagement. Eugenia has worked with Kurruru Youth Performing Arts, the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development and The Social Studio. Most recently, Eugenia has worked with Blak Dot Gallery, Eleven Collective, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Ilbijerri Theatre Company, Peril Magazine and Ebony Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Institute. 

Eugenia’s thoughts on the politics of race, gender and culture have been published widely. Her essays, articles and short stories have been published in Peril magazine, The Lifted Brow, fine print magazine, The Design Files, Art+Australia, The Saturday Paper, IndigenousX, NITV, and the recent anthology #MeToo: Stories From the Australian Movement. 

Eugenia’s experience in community engaged arts practice is welcomed to the Contemporary Arts Precincts Board by the Chair, Daniel Besen.

“Eugenia Flynn is thoughtful, insightful, deeply intelligent, considered and vastly capable. Her expertise and perspective will enhance CAPs capacity to create a diverse community and arts ecology. I am delighted to welcome her to the Board.”

Portrait of CAP Board member, Eugenia Flynn


Photographer credit: Leah Jing