Studio applications

Please see our Studio Information Kit here for rental rates, plans and more details about the space and the application process.

Applications have now closed.

First round tours – October

Tours of the empty space in which studios will built in will be available on the dates and times listed below. Please note that you must to register for the tours (i.e no walk-ups). As the space is construction site, sturdy closed toe footwear is mandatory and unfortunately no children or animals are allowed on site. Regrettably, as the lifts are will not be operational during during this period, for these tours the space will only be accessible by stairs. CAP is working towards full lift accessibility before opening and we acknowledge and apologise for this. Please see our video tours of the space below to compensate for this and will offer a round of fully accessible tours once the lifts are functional and before applicants are required to confirm their space (see below). Please ensure that each person attending the tour is registered individually.

Second round tours – December

The lifts and internal walls of the studios are currently under construction, we anticipate their completion in early December. As this is after the deadline for applications, CAP will extend offers to short-listed applicants to attend an additional round of tours as soon as the constructions works allow to see the fully completed spaces.Those who have provisionally accepted offers will be required to attend these tours before confirming their acceptance of the offer and will have the opportunity to withdraw their offer.These tours will be fully accessible with even, lift access to all areas.